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Ghostly Writes 2018

Ghostly Writes anthology is about to be launched!

All eBooks are free to download and this year’s is now available on pre-order.. As with each one, the stories are better and creepier than ever.

Just put Ghostly Writes Anthology in the Amazon search bar!

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To read more about the stories, follow this link

Here is a taster of my story….

Monster at the Door

It’s hard venturing out of my flat these days. Only this morning I was at the counter in the Post Office when someone shuffled in behind me. I could feel their breath on my neck. The assistant handed me a receipt. I turned to shove it into my pocket and there was no one there.

Spooked, I returned to my flat and made a cup of tea. As I poured water into the cup, my hand shook. This place was supposed to be my haven. Now I felt eyes watching me from the darkest corners.

That evening I stared out of my first-floor window as the street lamp threw off an eerie orange glow. Beyond that blackness, stretched out its long fingers. Nothing moved.

Pulling the curtains shut, I imagined shadows moving silently behind them. Switching on the television, I flicked through the channels feeling nervy.

My eyes fell to the vase on the table. There was a crack running down the front. How had that happened?

Frightened, I went to bed with thoughts of the bogeyman hiding underneath or faces behind the curtains. Of late it was worse and sleeping tablets were my best friend.

The next day, I had a job interview. Nerves kicked in. I needed it to get me out of the flat and the rut I was in. Dressed in a smart trouser suit, I set off to an office block in the centre of town.

Crossing my legs, I looked across the desk at the interviewer. “So, what do you think you can bring to the role Miss, erm…?” He glanced down to find my name. “Gloria,” he said almost triumphantly.

“I can bring fresh eyes to the role and look for new and innovative ways of doing things,” I said trying to sound more confident than I felt.

He nodded as if he understood. Only he didn’t because his eyes betrayed his boredom as I was last on his list of applicants. Most of us wouldn’t even get a letter to say we’d been unsuccessful. People were so rude these days.

When it was over I didn’t want to return home to the four blank walls.  I wandered down to the sea front instead. The waves splashed up the sea wall. They looked like claws trying to grab hold of the bricks only to crash down again. My hair blew over my face as I watched the pulsating sea wondering once again if they would ever find Craig’s body.

My teaser

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