Post Apocolyptic, science Fiction

Final Winter by Ian Rob Wright

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 17.01.08.pngGenre: Science Fiction/Post Aplocalypic


It’s snowing…
Over every inch of the Earth…
But that’s just the start…

When grieving alcoholic Harry Jobson starts his latest beer, he expects to end the night face-down in vomit like he does every night–but that was before the strange snowstorm started. Instead, he finds himself trapped inside his local pub, The Trumpet, with an odd group of strangers. Recent news reports claim that the snow is falling in every country of the world. But that’s impossible…


The truth is too frightening to admit, but when the body of a mangled boy crashes through the window, Harry is forced to sober up and take charge. Something sinister lurks outside in the snow, and those inside are keeping terrible secrets.

Karen’s Magic Review

I do like post aplocalypic books and television series. This one came up as an advert in my Facebook newsfeed. The description grabbed me immediately. I’d heard of the author, although hadn’t read any of his work – and there is a lot of it.

It immediately reminded me of a Stephen King novel called The Mist. I only ever saw the film, and really ennoyed it. The ending! Wow! I’ll never forget it and for that reason, I couldn’t read the book.

In Final Winter, a group of people are trapped in a pub and it soon became apparent there is something going on in the snow. The characters were a real mix and every one was interesting. As a writer, many people say you should stick with one main character and their viewpoint. Get into everyone’s head and becomes confusing. Indeed, I’ve read books that flit around between all the characters and I’ve been unable to follow whose thought train it was.  Iain Rob Wright, knows how to do that without losing the main character. That’s an art I haven’t yet studied, but each person was in their own paragraph with a description or story telling before their point of view.

The book was published by SalGad Publishing Group, so he isn’t an Indie Author and doesn’t need my help in blogging about it his book. But credit where credit is due. Although I fully support Indie Authors, I do like to read a mainstream book on occasions.

As an Indie Author, the edits are big thing, you may have an editor, proof and beta readers, but ultimately, it is your responsiblity to get it right. Sometimes, an almost impossible task.

I may be wrong in some aspects, but publishing companies have a team of people to do that, and the company takes royalties from the author for their work. So I don’t expect to find any errors, yet there were. Not many and none that interfered with the reading in anyway. It just niggled me. I do know that if an Indie author spots one, it can be changed in an instant. But if you are with a publisher, it can’t. So I imagine, it’s pretty frustrating. I may just share them on Goodreads when I post my review, as it gives the option of doing it there.

As I said, don’t let it put you off and in the long run it doesn’t matter when the story is as good as this one. Oh! One more thing, there are additional short bonus stories at the end. I don’t normally read these because often they are for the next book and as I reviewer, I don’t want to get hooked. These were short stories from different character points of views about how the continous snow affected them. All of them were really good and I’m so glad that I decided to give them a go.

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