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Central City Tales by Adam Mitchell

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-10-26-06Whats the book about?

When PI Jack Malone walks into his office one morning and finds a man dead on his floor, he has no choice but to take the case. Clues lead him to the door of Sandie Kovax and her female lover, Mrs Josephine. Jack soon realizes he’s in over his head. 

Rudy, another character from The Lost Angel, needs a lot of money and fast if he’s to help out his gal, Kimi who got herself in serious trouble. So when offered a job of robbing a toff’s house, he takes it. But things don’t go to plan.

A bunch of letters follow, a flirtatious relationship between a young rich girl and a brewery owner. However, the love letters soon hint that all may not be what it seems.

There are many stories in Central City. Here are just three of them.

Is it a Series?

Yes. The Lost Angel and Chloe Justice. Although they are not follow on, they are all in the same film noir style. 

How easy is it to read?


Karen’s Magic Review

The style of writing made this slightly different from the books I have read in the last few years. It took me back to the Mickey Spillane books, I read in my teens. There was something magical about the era and a Private Eye who rescues a ‘doll’ with ‘baby blue’ eyes. This book uses all those cliches, although not that particular one and the slick writing makes this a fun read. Adam Mitchell is able to conjure up a rainy night in the forties very well.

There are a few formatting issues, but they don’t distract too much and the fast pace of the story. I liked Jack, the Private Eye and his take on things. He made me chuckle several times.

Rudy, the burglar was another great character and the scene in the house as he gets caught was clever, especially when the author explained why Mr Stevenson acted like he did.

I was very much taken by Jess and her letters to Collin. She certainly had me sucked in.  It really was full of interesting characters spurting how great lines and overall this was a good little read.

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