Power to The Paws

Some stories are very sad and sometimes good things happen as a result. Amy Pacifico Cecil is held an event on Facebook to raise money for an animal rescue.


This is a great cause, as animals are precious to us all. This is Amy’s story taken from her post in the event on Facebook.

“My husband and I have three dogs, all of which have been rescues. All our dogs before them have also been rescues. We have rescued puppies and seniors and several in between. It really doesn’t matter to us. What is important to us is that the dogs we do adopt feel safe and loved in our home. We have dealt with several rescues in the past and all of them have been wonderful, one in particular is very special to us. Wolf Spirit Sled Dog Rescue, Inc. (WSSDR) is a 501c3 non-profit rescue located in Stuart, Virginia.


I first came into contact with WSSDR and Nikki Delp Boyd, the rescue’s owner, a little over a year ago when I heard about a 30 Malamute Seizure about 30 miles from my home. These dogs were left in poor conditions, malnourished, given enhancement drugs to help them reproduce, confined to crates that were too small for them, and left to stand or lay in their urine and feces. Many of them have had serious medical issues. When I heard about this story, I already had two dogs, but something inside of me wanted to help one of these dogs. Nikki was absolutely amazing with me, helping me find the right dog for our home.

She puts her all into caring for the dogs she takes in. She also helps correct any behavior issues prior to their adoption. Her patience and kindness touched me in so many ways that she quickly became a close friend. We ended up adopting two of the Durham Mals, Heaven and Karma. Unfortunately, we lost Heaven almost a year ago due to complications from her previous situation. In several situations where we had to take Heaven to the emergency vet, Nikki took the time to talk with me, keep me calm and was my rock during a very rough couple of months while we did everything we could to save a beloved dog. Karma is still with us. She is our little spunky pup and we will celebrate her “get her” day on January 1.

In November Nikki suffered a very personal loss that not only affected her, but the rescue as well. In a tragic tractor-trailer accident, Nikki’s husband of 12 years was killed.

Further on the story can be read here. and here.

Not having any life insurance, Nikki is now left with not only suffering the loss of her beloved husband, but also keeping the rescue afloat. Several of us in the dog community have been doing everything we can to raise funds for the rescue and that is why I am hosting this Author Spotlight Takeover Event and Fundraiser. Authors, I hope that you will consider participating in this event to help Nikki and the rescue. 

We would love your donations for the auction, signed books, ebooks, swag, etc. Every little bit will help. We will hold the auction the days following the event.

If you would like to donate directly to the rescue you can through their Facebook event and by joining us and supporting it.”


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