Under the Cornerstone by Sasha Marshall

cornerstoneGenre: Romance


Noely King…Metamorphosis… the changing of one’s self to a completely different one.

Caterpillars change completely from an insect that crawls in the dirt and trees, eating its own weight in leaves. The insect with twelve-legs will then shed its skin four or five times before it wraps itself in a cocoon and digests itself.

It’s a tough transformation. As the cells divide inside the cocoon, the caterpillar mutates or transforms into something beautiful… the butterfly. Once metamorphosis is complete, the butterfly emerges, only it isn’t ready to fly just yet. You see the butterfly is still wet and there’s not yet blood flowing to the wings, so even though they’ve been through a beautiful, but a painful transformation, they aren’t quite ready to fly off into the world.

The butterfly sits in the cocoon and flutters its wings until it dries and the wings have enough spirit in them to spread and give it flight. And so, in all of its colorful beauty the butterfly spreads its wings and flies away into the cosmos, showing the entire world how beautiful it is. It no longer lurks on the land and in trees, eating leaves, no, now it wants nectar. It wants to divulge in the greatest and sweetest thing the world has to provide its young self.

I think the universe gave us the metamorphosis of the butterfly so humans can remember we often undergo the same process. Unluckily, some people never really undertake all the matters that are needed for a metamorphosis to truly happen.

Not enough people recognize they should or want to be someone different. I realized I didn’t recognize who I was at all. Life circumstances shaped my mind and I believed I possessed a role to play for twenty-six years, but the role I played was for the people I loved. It was never for myself.

I also had to find out that nothing ever remains the same. The world is constantly evolving and so are we. We change. Sometimes the change is insidious, only sometimes it is as miraculous and considerable as the metabolism of the butterfly. This happens to our relationships with other people, and in my own story I’ve often looked back to ascertain exactly where in time one of my relationships changed. I attempted to determine when the lines blurred and feelings changed. I wanted to know why? Sometimes we never find out the why and have to learn to embrace what our hearts tell us.

I had to find out who I was, who I loved, how I loved, and I had to make peace with all of those things.

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About the Author

Sasha Marshall is an American author who is known for writing The Guitar Face Series. She was born March 15 in Macon, Georgia.

Sasha is also a well-known rock photographer, having toured professionally with The Allman Brothers Band, Wide Spread Panic, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Doobie Brothers, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, and Susan Tedeschi.

She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in history and psychology, a Masters of Liberal Studies in Social Science, and a post-graduate Degree in Technology. Sasha is also a graphic artist, known for creating her own covers in addition to book and CD covers for artists and authors.

Sasha is happily married to her husband Dane. They reside in Georgia on a tranquil 300-acre farm. They have two children and three dogs. Dane Marshall is an accomplished and talented musician from the band Slice, and Sasha’s partner-in-crime.

Sasha is known for her cliffhanger endings, witty humor, and excessive use of inappropriate words and characters. She has Asperger’s Syndrome, and is extremely high functioning, so she’s eccentric, a little quirky, and at times an acquired taste. You’re always welcome on her tour bus, but she only wants the naughty, open-minded, loving kind on her journey. You’ll always find peace and love with her.

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