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Fang & Claw by Markie Maddon

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What is the book about?

An American police unit with a difference.

Is it a series? 

Yes, The Undead Unit Book 1

Are there further books available?

Yes, Souls of the Reaper is book 2 and believe a book 3 is being written.

How many books in the series?

Several are planned.


How easy was the book to read?

The author’s style of writing made it an easy read.

Karen’s Magic Review

Paranormal books that are about vampires and werewolves are  not my usual reading matter, but I knew the author from Facebook and had heard so much about the story that I was intrigued. I also decided to add it my collection of signed paperbacks. I love book covers and this one lured me in, although it now had a new cover, which is also very striking.

Coulton and Lacey were put together as partners for a new unit called The Undead. This was a world where the undead were part of the community. Coulton was a wolf and Lacey, a vampire. The two normally don’t go together and as expected there is friction between them as the new partners try and work together. They get their first case to solve whilst dealing with their personal issues. I enjoyed how they worked through those differences and eventually become friends.

The author had some great ideas and had clearly done a lot of research into police procedure.

If you are lover of these type of stories, you are certainly onto a winner the undead unit.

What I liked best:

The relationship between the main characters and I could see how that would grow. The author had a nice style of writing and it was easy to read, which meant I didn’t have to re-read things to understand what it meant.

And The Rest:

The author was very descriptive in telling us what each character looked like and I expected them to be like the people on the front cover. Lacey was perfect, but Coulton was noticeably different and I couldn’t associate the two.

However, the author has now changed the cover and in a way it is better because it doesn’t draw comparisons.

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Markie Maddonfang and claw

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