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After You by JoJo Moyes

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What is the book about?

Louisa Clark and her life after Will Trainor

Is it a series? 

It is a follow on from Me Before You.

Are there further books available?

Not that I am aware of featuring this character.

How many books in the series?

Two as far as I know.

How easy was the book to read?

The author’s style of writing is nice and easy.

Karen’s Magic Review

I absolutely adored this book! It follows Lou after her story in Me before You. I didn’t think it would be as good as the first one, but it really is and perhaps even better.

Lou moves on with her life living in the flat she bought from Will’s money. The opening chapter is just terrific, I didn’t expect that, especially at the start of the book.

There is a wonderful mix of characters, lots of them, but written in such a way that the reader does not get confused, as happens in some books. There is her own family, her extended family, and the friends she picks up on the way.

It’s a story to lose yourself in, and you feel sorry when it comes to an end. I did, I wanted more!

What I liked best:

Her family and the relationship they had with each other. It seemed very real. Sisters do love each other and argue at the same time. We do at that age, think are parents are old, but the author nicely reminded us that of course, they are not.

And the rest:

Don’t get the hardback version! I was so eager to read it that I couldn’t wait. It was far too heavy to hold and it hurt my hands. If it had been any other book, I’d have given up!

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US Amazon


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