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Red and the Wolf by Vivienne Savage

Karen’s Review Red and the Wolf was the second in the series. The adventure reminded me of the magical tales I read as a child, except with adult themes. Sorcha and Conall are the main characters and go on a journey. They battle dark ferocious creatures as well as discovering each other. Conall calls her… Continue reading Red and the Wolf by Vivienne Savage

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New Release – Ghost Rider by Ellen Read

Congratulations to Ellen on her brand new release. I'm thrilled to bring this book to you as a fan of her entertaining stories. These are the one I have enjoyed previously: When Jacarandas Bloom Die For Love The Dragon Sleeps Ellen was so featured in my series. About A Book Description Has Catherine Lacey been… Continue reading New Release – Ghost Rider by Ellen Read

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Books Read In July

Some good, some bad this month. I don’t mean bad as in rubbish, just some I enjoyed more than others. The Beautiful Ones is my second book by Julia Sutton. I love her writing. Lover’s Moon is part of a series, a good one if this one is anything to go by. Except, it’s not… Continue reading Books Read In July

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August Reading List

The Conned Lady is the one I’m starting with the month with, a friend asked me to read it, and I like it so far. I cannot remember where Bad Boys Make Broken Men came from. It is a prequel and just 48 pages long. Infected Waters is the second of a Zombie series. I… Continue reading August Reading List

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National Lighthouse Day

Lighthouse Day honours the beacons of light that have guarded our coastlines for hundreds of years. I’m very lucky to live on an island and we have several, each of them, bold and beautiful as they stand proud. Click on the image to find out more about this day. Our most spectacular one is called… Continue reading National Lighthouse Day

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A Review of Unveiled by J M Northup

Karen’s Review This is the second book of the series Snoqualmie Valley Sasquatch. I read the first one two years ago. It continues the story of cousins, Jenna and Hannah and their normal every day life, except it isn’t normal. Jenna’s boyfriend is a Sasquatch called Adam. I enjoyed the two parallel worlds, and there… Continue reading A Review of Unveiled by J M Northup

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International Day of the Tiger

Tigers are indeed beautiful animals, so strong and powerful. They are instantly recognisable with their dark vertical stripes and orange/red fur. Find our more about this magnificent creature by clicking on the picture above. A few facts about tigers you may not know: They rely primarily on sound and sight to hunt, rather than smell.They… Continue reading International Day of the Tiger

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A Book Review Pitch and Pace by Julia Blake

Karen’s Review This is book five of The Blackwood Family Saga. I thought I had read them all, but at the end of this story Isabelle and Nick were mentioned, and I realised I'd missed something. It didn’t matter as far as Pitch and Pace was concerned, although I would rather read them in order.… Continue reading A Book Review Pitch and Pace by Julia Blake

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Review of Single Mom and the City, Create, Money and a Rich Life by Takiya

Karen’s Review I was asked to read this by a friend. These days I leave parenting up to my children, and prefer to delve into fiction. However, I’m open minded. The book was not what I expected. It’s not about children, instead, it’s about life skills. It tells you how to make the best of… Continue reading Review of Single Mom and the City, Create, Money and a Rich Life by Takiya

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What Are You Up To?

My Saturday looks like this: Pitch an Pace - currently Kit, the main character, sits with her hands tied in a cave, and opposite her is a killer wearing a scream mask. Last night I watched a YouTube video about making your own emellismemts out of scraps. I’m a big crafter and that excites me.… Continue reading What Are You Up To?