Choice Cuts – A Bite from Dark Realm by Michael J Elliott


screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-10-27-52Genre: Horror. Short Stories

Welcome to the Dark Realm. A delicious realm of darkness where the residents trade in the mundane for choice cuts of fear and dread.

This collection of meaty tidbits will have you screaming for more.

Included in this collection are such juicy titles as:

Deep within the bowels of an ancient convent, Sister Elizabeta is praying for forgiveness while the Council of Elders plans a horrifying punishment for her.

A Bite From The Dark Realm 
A strange race of carnivorous creatures takes up residence in a suburban London supermarket.

Speak No Evil 
A deaf woman takes her revenge on a philandering boyfriend.
These and other tales await you in the Dark Realm.

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Josie also possessed a delicate stomach. Her talk of blood and offal caused her to throw up over the family’s meatloaf. Eric began ranting about the cost of a wasted meal. Eileen told him to stop being such a penny pincher. She said she’d feed the meatloaf to Skipper, their Golden Retriever. It wasn’t unusual for dogs to eat their own vomit and she was fairly certain Skipper wouldn’t mind eating Josie’s either. Eileen pointed out that she wouldn’t need to open a tin of dog food for Skiller, so they had, in fact, made a small saving. Wayne’s mother cleared away the soiled tablecloth and dinner items and began preparing sandwiches as an alternative.

About The Author

On Halloween 2015, the Aussie horror writer launched his first collection of shorts –Portraits Of Dread. His first work was very well received and gained him some favourable reviews. Now, exactly a year later, Michael is chill his readers again with this new collection.

As Michael explained, “This is another eclectic mix of stories, from dystopia to good old fashioned horror. I hope I’ve created a nice mix for my readers. I’ve tried to add that unexpected twist and the wry humour which readers have told me they enjoyed in my first collection.”


Other Books by Michael

Portraits of Dread – A Gallery Of Decidedly Evil Short Stories
How Does Your Garden Grow (A Short Horror Story)
Mr Westacott’s Christmas
Sharpshooter – A Supernatural Horror Story

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