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Blow Your own Trumpet – I am!

I use the royal ‘we’ here, as I provide some content along with authors Julie Northup and Sahara Foley, to our fabulous newsletter. We are the three authors of Norns Triad Publications. We all provide the content, but Julie is the one who puts our twice monthly newsletter together. I say newsletter, but to me… Continue reading Blow Your own Trumpet – I am!

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Books Read In July

Some good, some bad this month. I don’t mean bad as in rubbish, just some I enjoyed more than others. The Beautiful Ones is my second book by Julia Sutton. I love her writing. Lover’s Moon is part of a series, a good one if this one is anything to go by. Except, it’s not… Continue reading Books Read In July

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Great Posts to Read

Each month Julie and I write a blog post from the National Calendar and present them on the Norns Triad blog. They are really great fun to write as we choose a subject, do some research, and write it up. These are the two for September, which then go into our newsletter Click on the… Continue reading Great Posts to Read

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A Review of Unveiled by J M Northup

Karen’s Review This is the second book of the series Snoqualmie Valley Sasquatch. I read the first one two years ago. It continues the story of cousins, Jenna and Hannah and their normal every day life, except it isn’t normal. Jenna’s boyfriend is a Sasquatch called Adam. I enjoyed the two parallel worlds, and there… Continue reading A Review of Unveiled by J M Northup

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Play the Game is Coming Soon

The idea for this came in early 2018. The characters were already fully formed including the secrets they kept from one another. Stella, the main character tells the story, and she works in a call centre, a job she hates. I worked for the RAC taking motor claims at the time, and this is where… Continue reading Play the Game is Coming Soon

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Writing Update and Coming Soon

It occurred to me the other day that I am constantly writing, but I never share what I’m up to. I miss my stories because the main characters are part of me. It’s sad that they are no longer there. Last year I unpublished almost all of my books because I wanted to rewrite them.… Continue reading Writing Update and Coming Soon

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Free Book for a Limited Time

Amazon Description Invincible superpowers and nobody to stop him. Will he save the day, or trigger global annihilation? England, 1989. Arthur Merlin is plagued by restlessness. Ever since he woke up from a head injury with extraordinary abilities, the Vietnam vet has turned the world into his unsuspecting playground as he masters his gifts. Showing… Continue reading Free Book for a Limited Time