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National Aviation Day

The first female aviator to fly single handed across the Atlantic ocean was Amelia Earhart. She was declared dead in January 1939 when she disappeared in 1937 after attempting to circumnavigate the globe. The Wright brothers were Orville and Wilber, and they invented and flew the first airplane in December 1903. To learn more about… Continue reading National Aviation Day

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Blow Your own Trumpet – I am!

I use the royal ‘we’ here, as I provide some content along with authors Julie Northup and Sahara Foley, to our fabulous newsletter. We are the three authors of Norns Triad Publications. We all provide the content, but Julie is the one who puts our twice monthly newsletter together. I say newsletter, but to me… Continue reading Blow Your own Trumpet – I am!

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New Release – Ghost Rider by Ellen Read

Congratulations to Ellen on her brand new release. I'm thrilled to bring this book to you as a fan of her entertaining stories. These are the one I have enjoyed previously: When Jacarandas Bloom Die For Love The Dragon Sleeps Ellen was so featured in my series. About A Book Description Has Catherine Lacey been… Continue reading New Release – Ghost Rider by Ellen Read

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Great Posts to Read

Each month Julie and I write a blog post from the National Calendar and present them on the Norns Triad blog. They are really great fun to write as we choose a subject, do some research, and write it up. These are the two for September, which then go into our newsletter Click on the… Continue reading Great Posts to Read

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National Lighthouse Day

Lighthouse Day honours the beacons of light that have guarded our coastlines for hundreds of years. I’m very lucky to live on an island and we have several, each of them, bold and beautiful as they stand proud. Click on the image to find out more about this day. Our most spectacular one is called… Continue reading National Lighthouse Day

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International Day of the Tiger

Tigers are indeed beautiful animals, so strong and powerful. They are instantly recognisable with their dark vertical stripes and orange/red fur. Find our more about this magnificent creature by clicking on the picture above. A few facts about tigers you may not know: They rely primarily on sound and sight to hunt, rather than smell.They… Continue reading International Day of the Tiger

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The Island of a Four Winds by Anne Roberts

I’m delighted to introduce my friend Anne, who has just launched this fabulous book set on our beautiful island of Anglesey. Description Set on the beautiful Ynys Llanddwyn ~ Llanddwyn Island, The Island of the Four Winds is an enchanting tale of a time gone by. Travel back in time to experience the island and… Continue reading The Island of a Four Winds by Anne Roberts

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July’s Reading List

This month I have a theme. Can you see what it is? It came about because of the first two books. They had a similar name. I remembered another one in which I’d read the first of the series, but not the second. He’s With The Band, I randomly chose off Amazon because I love… Continue reading July’s Reading List

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Books Read in June

Only four read this month, but Ignite was huge at over 500 words and took almost two weeks to get through. Ignite was second book of a series, and I loved it. The story was well written, exciting, and pulls at your emotions. Review of Ignite A Scream in the Night, frustrated me a little… Continue reading Books Read in June

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A Review of Belle and the Pirate by Vivienne Savage

Karen’s Review This has been such an enjoyable series. Belle and the Pirate is number four of this six book set. Belle is a tiny fairy, no bigger than a thumb. We already know her because she has appeared in previous books as Tinkerbell, a little sprite. Apart from the beautiful prose, and pretty formatting… Continue reading A Review of Belle and the Pirate by Vivienne Savage