Reunite with your soulmate on a ranch in Colorado; escape certain death with the love of your life in Yugoslavia; toast marshmallows by the light of the setting sun whilst you find the strength to carry on; or search for your lost love as the smell of fish and chips dances on the sea breeze.

Something for everyone, each of these stories tells of love in all its form.

A collection of short stories from authors you know and love.

My story is called Crossing Serbia and this is the description..

Set in the 90s during the break up of Yugoslavia. Tanya, an aid worker, helps people displaced by the war. She and two American journalists are kidnapped by insurgents.

As they are punished for their crimes, British soldiers come to their rescue. Their journey across Serbia is fraught with danger as they run for the border. Tanya forms a close bond with soldier Liam who helps her make the perilous journey.

A thrilling romance that will keep your heart racing in anticipation. Will they make it? Will they stay in touch? And finally, how will Tanya manage after losing something so precious?

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How it Started tells the story of how I became involved in and I have written a review every story. The links can be found here, too.