Joanna’s Journey


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Most girls just want to find their one true love and sisters, Joanna and Sandie are no exception. While Joanna falls for rock singer Niko, Sandie’s choice leaves Joanna reeling and causes a rift in their relationship. Niko’s music always comes first, and Joanna accepts being second best. She promises never to ask anything from him. When she becomes entangled in a violent shooting she finds herself lost, frightened, and alone. Will Niko stand by her side or will he choose the path to stardom? Set in the 80s with a soundtrack of music and fashion, Joanna’s Journey travels a road where sometimes love is not enough. Add to your


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The story was first conceived in 1984 while I was watching the Montreux Rock Festival. I saw a singer who I’d never heard of and instantly fell in love with his looks and the way he sounded. Going to bed and dreaming of this handsome guy with an unusual voice inspired me to form a story in my head. Watch the original footage.

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