Crime, Thriller

Old Habits by Elizabeth Horton Newton

Genre: Crime/Horror Description Gaunt Thibideaux is a man of habits. You know what they say; old habits die hard. Some habits are good, some are bad, and some are just plain unique. What happens when one person’s habit impacts the lives of others? Karen Magic Review Gaunt Thibideaux is great name for a main character,… Continue reading Old Habits by Elizabeth Horton Newton

Mystery, Romance

Chattanooga Choo Choo by Elizabeth Horton-Norton

 Karen’s Magic Review This is a short, quick read that packs a punch! A perfect little book when you have an hour or so to spend on yourself. Set in the bygone days, a young girl goes off to visit her sister and gets involved in a murder on a train. There were no spare… Continue reading Chattanooga Choo Choo by Elizabeth Horton-Norton

Crime, Horror

April Showers by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Genre: Crime/Horror Description April showers may bring May flowers. In this small town, an April flood brings more than flowers to the surface. Some secrets are exposed. But what about those that remain concealed beneath the surface of a bucolic countryside? Amazon UK Amazon US Karen’s Magic Review This is another very different, very atmospheric… Continue reading April Showers by Elizabeth Horton-Newton


Stolen Gypsy by Stolen Gypsy

Genre: Crime/Mystery/Thriller Description Her parents are dead. The government has failed her. Now she doesn’t even know who she is. Terza Blackstone is rescued by handsome Irishman Tristan Devlin and that begins the search for her true identity. When everything you thought was yours has been stolen from you, there’s only one thing to do.… Continue reading Stolen Gypsy by Stolen Gypsy

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Electric Eclectic Books

  Electric Eclectic is a global marketing brand and aimed to introduce you to new authors. Many of EE books are priced the same at £1/$1 and the most interesting things about them is that they are novellas and can be anything up to 20K words. This means they are ideal for that train journey,… Continue reading Electric Eclectic Books

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 A STUNNING DEBUT OF POST-APOCALYTIC FICTION BY CANADA’S OWN, ROBERT G. PENNER Published by Radiant Press, the book is now available worldwide  in both print, digital format and audiobook! “With this brilliant debut, Penner thoughtfully upends the tropes of postapocalyptic fiction”  — Publishers Weekly Strange Labour is a powerful meditation on the meaning of humanity… Continue reading #1 ON AMAZON BI-SEXUAL HOT NEW RELEASES


The Railroad by Neil Newton

What is the book about? It’s about Mike Dobbs who survives 9/11, but struggles to come to terms with what happened. As a favour fro a friend, he takes in a mother and her daughter. When they disappear, he sets out to find them. Is is a Series? No. How easy is it to read?… Continue reading The Railroad by Neil Newton