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My Review of Grip of Darkness by Sam J Fires

Karen Review

As I began this book, I realised I’d missed the prequel, Surviving Chaos. As with the previous series, Murder and Mayhem, the first book is the prequel, followed by book one.

I wasn’t hindered in anyway not knowing the back story of Cassie, her ex Nathan, and how the end of the world happened for them. It would have been nice to get it first, but it can be read later.

I filly expected to be reading about Cassie and Issac from the first book and their continuing journey. Instead, it was the story of her younger sister, Charlie. I was disappointed at first, but soon got into the story, and quickly became engrossed.

I’m really enjoying the series. It well written and the only bit I didn’t like was the freezing snow!

Series, and apocalyptic lovers will get a kick from this. It will also appeal to those who like me, love shorter reads.


The nation goes dark. Technology fails. Help isn’t coming.

An EMP has destroyed the nation’s power grid.

When an EMP shuts down power worldwide, eighteen-year-old Charlie Drews immediately meets death in the way of her neighbor Mrs. Butler who succumbs to a lethal heart attack. Charlie and her grandma Ruby must batten down the hatches to get through the power down and the bitter wintry storm.

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