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Books to Read in a Weekend

I’ve got a Kindle Unlimited membership and I’ve been making good use of it lately. It really feels like I don’t have to pay for books anymore. That’s why I like having my stories in KU.

These are novellas, which means they can be read over a weekend. So if you love reading and have a couple of hours to relax and put your feet up, then one of these are just perfect.

A Cry in the Night, a burnt out rock star goes to the ghost for a much needed rest, only he is not alone. In the apartment below is Gemma, and she cries a lot. Together can they help each other to overcome the problems of their lives?

Down by the River is based on Richard Marx’s song Hazard. Shelby returns to her home town as her best friend is missing. This has been described as a crime thriller with a twist of paranormal.

Finding Amanda ‘This is Mandy who has been missing for eight years. Her brothers are desperate to find her.’
Suddenly, Amanda’s secret was out. Can she put the past to behind her and be reunited with her family? Finding Amanda is a story of courage, hope and a bond that never breaks.

Play the Game – For Stella, self-shame is the enemy & it’s a power struggle. At times it may seem hopeless to fight the inner demons. Sometimes, when your self-esteem is low, it takes a special someone like Kelly to help build it up again.

Which one do you fancy? All the details can be found here at Crimson Cloak Publishing.

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