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How Rude!

Imagine that you are in conversation with someone. You are enthusiastically telling them a story when suddenly, they put their hand up and say, “Stop! Don’t speak.

You wait, mouth still open….?….? ….? You’re gasping to tell the punch line, your heart is racing, waiting..waiting….

“Go,” they say, “carry on.”

How rude is that?

Well, that’s exactly what it is like waiting at traffic lights. I turned out of my road, sped up, changed into second gear, and about to turn right –  when – Stop! The lights change to red.

I wanna go! I’m heading somewhere! I don’t want to stop because I’ve just got going.

Of course, I do and I wait, but how rude!


I originally wrote these a few years ago when I lived in Manchester, a big city. Traffic lights annoyed me so much for exactly that reason. Now have moved to the rural setting of Anglesey, it doesn’t apply anymore. Traffic lights here are programmed so if they see you approach and it’s clear, they change to green.  Simple. As it should be!

What do you think?

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