Pictures Telling Stories, A Cry in the Night

by Karen J Mossman

I enjoy sharing stories about the books I write about.  Cry in the NightA Cry in the Night stemmed from a dream I had many years ago. I wrote a quick story based on it, and as time went on, kept adding more until it became a novella.

The first picture is a rock concert, which represents the main character Rick Crockle. He spends many years touring with his band until he burns out.

He goes away to be on his own at a beachside rental to try and work out what he wants to do with his life.

The second picture shows something I always wanted to do but never did. So now I write horses into my stories.

When depression and stress take hold, the balcony overlooking the sea is where Rick is drawn. The waves breaking the shoreline is mesmerising and therapeutic helping to calm him when he thinks life is futile.

A Cry in the Night is a love story, but like every good tale, it needs a dark side. That comes from Gemma, who like Rick is escaping her life where bad things happened. In the fourth picture is the barn where a terrifying encounter occurred.

In Ricks’s apartment, he brings his own piano, hoping to write more songs to prove to himself he hasn’t lost the very thing that makes him who he is.

The last photo depicts the troubles in Northern Ireland back in the 70s and 80s, which also plays its part in this story.

So if you like a touch of intrigue and darkness where human emotions are tested to the limit, try A Cry in the Night.

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