Dystopian, Erotica, Romance, science Fiction

More Toxic Than Anything Else by Karen J. Mossman

A reminder:

Toxic KMGenre: A Dystopian Romance

Lexi isn’t your normal Malok. She craves adventure and freedom from the mundane life forced upon her. 100 years ago, the first drop of acid rain fell. Maloks fled to the mountains, building a new way of life—a desolate life—a life Lexi knows all too well.

Lexi has a plan, her ticket out of this miserable existence, becoming a ranger. Aron, her partner, believes she’s not strong enough to fight alongside him. Lexi will stop at nothing, no matter what the danger, to achieve her independence, even if that means defying him.

Amidst everything, Marcus, Lexi’s childhood best friend makes a sudden return. Before she can rejoice in a reunion, her happiness is crushed when she sees Mae, the bully that had terrorized her in her teens. Marcus was aware of the mental abuse Lexi had suffered and yet the person she loved and the person she hated the most, stand before her, together.

“A powerful dystopian thriller that captures the heart and imagination”.

The first review is in – read it here!

This is a unique book as Toxic is two books, yes, that’s right. Written by Karina Kantas and Karen J Mossman, they decided they wanted slightly different things from the book. So one is a romance and the other is the same characters and the same plot, but a bit spicier.

For the first time, the reader has a choice. Which one will you choose?

The romantic version by Karen J Mossman


The erotic version by Karen Kantas.


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