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Carly by DM Wolfenden

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 19.55.08Genre: Pyschological/Mystery


Written in British English, including some slang.
Carly: Her cousin, Lisa disappeared, her family murdered in front of her.
Held in prison for her kidnapper’s murder, she has to try and find a way to save Lisa.



Karen’s Magic Review

I found this book in a ‘library’ on Facebook. As I had already read Bernie and the Beast, I thought I would read this because it was also novella. I do enjoy the shorter books!

The author has a good style of writing, snappy and sharp. It was interesting to start the story meeting Carly who was in prison for killing someone. When a journalist visits, she begins to tell her story. It’s an unpleasent one and we soon find that all is not as it seems.

Carly is a victim. As the whole story is revealed, all becomes clear. There were flashbacks which brought the reader to the centre of the action. It was clever and I knew there was a twist coming and had a sort of idea of what it was. It wasn’t quite what I thought and that was fun finding out.

The only thing I struggled with was the dog. Being a dog owner and animal lover, I found some of it too unsettling. It turned out okay in the end and that made it better.

Here are DM Wolfenden’s books and some are shorter reads. So if you are looking for somthing exciting, interesting, then you need look no further.

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