The Misadventures of a Dating Delia by H. C. Bentley

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Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: February 2, 2018


Delia has a bit of a problem.
You see, in college, in a moment fueled by youth and tequila, she made a pact with a guy. One that said if neither were married by a certain age, they’d marry each other.Delia’s now a successful career woman, one who’s desperate to keep from marrying a stranger. Especially one just so happens to be an unemployed gaming nerd living in his mother’s basement.So Delia’s best friend comes up with a plan for Delia to try every type of dating imaginable. Group dates, blind dates, online dating, speed dating. It’s all part of the official Delia’s Dating plan to find Mr. Right. But the plan quickly falls apart as each date bombs more hilariously than the last, leaving Delia to run for her sanity.Will Delia find Mr. Right before it’s too late, or will she end up as Mrs. Mortimer P. Floyd after all?


“Why did he lie about his profile picture? Did you ask?”
   “I mentioned it and he just confessed to exaggerating.” Delia shrugged. “But if he’ll make up something as silly as his profile picture, what else will he lie about?”
   “True enough.” BB waited a beat. “Can we talk about the car now?”
   “The car. Oh, my God the car. It’s all he talked about. All evening. I could cite statistics on the damn thing, right down to how he picked the color. It took him two weeks to decide on it, in case you’re interested.”
   “I wasn’t.”
   “Me neither.” Sliding a look over to her friend, Delia felt her mouth quirk up at the corner. “You really want to make fun of his car now, don’t you?”
   “I really do.”
   “Well, I already asked him where the rest of it was and if it would grow up to be a real Ferrari.”
   “You didn’t.”
   “I did. Think it kind of hurt his feelings.” Delia smiled as BB let out a bark of laughter.
   “Did you ask him about the clowns?”
   “Damn.” BB took a sip from her glass as she pondered. “And I’m going to assume since his scintillating car talk almost put you in a coma, you didn’t get to check out his package.”
   “Beebs!” More amused than appalled, Delia chuckled.
   “Well, it would have been interesting to know if everything in his life was on a smaller scale.”
   “Stop.” Delia choked on laughter and wine. “You’re going to kill me.”
   “I’ll bet it was. Small, I mean. Did he walk with a cocky – haha – swagger? Like he was swinging some serious meat?”
   “Oh, dear Lord.” Unable to control herself, Delia set her glass aside to keep from spilling it as she began to double over in laughter.
   “I’ll just bet he did.” Grinning into her glass, BB continued her roll. “I mean, a man can’t drive a car like that without being comfortable with other aspects of his life being smaller.”
   “Hmmm.” Fanning herself, Delia pretended to give the matter some thought. “You know, you may be right.”
   “He did spend an awful lot of time and energy polishing it tonight.” Delia’s grin grew wicked as BB choked on her wine. “The car, I mean.”
  “Well played.”

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