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Flawed Perfection – a Collections of Winter Wishes

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.42.09Genre: Romance


When falling in love means exposing flaws and secrets, everything gets more complicated… unless you are a strong, confident woman.

Six authors come together to share heartwarming novellas about how, when you fall in love, this crazy, mixed-up, imperfect life might just be perfect after all.

Jude Ouvrard – Keep me warm
A life isn’t a life anymore when everyone you loved is gone. Adele’s strength is keeping her away from hell… But what happens when she starts feeling again?

Simone Beaudelaire – Mr. Wrong
At 39 years old, Aubree is far less desperate to find ‘the one’ than her family would like. When they try to set her up with the town’s new tow truck driver, will she stick to her independence? Or will this tattooed Mr. Wrong turn out to be more right than she would have guessed?

Julie Northup – Unwrapped gifts
Fearing time is running out, Attorney Tally Abram seeks the aid of her gay best friends in fathering her child, but ends up with so much more! Sometimes the most treasured gifts are the ones that cannot be wrapped.

Savannah Morgan – Betrayed Again: A Sapphire Springs Christmas Story
Nicoleta Davis is starting a new life in Sapphire Springs. Will a chance meeting with someone connected to her past bring the happiness she seeks, or will she be Betrayed Again?

Taylor Dawn – Ticket to Paradise
Can two jilted hearts find happiness in the tropics? Charlotte decided to go on her honeymoon alone, even though her fiancé left her at the altar. A chance meeting with a sexy stranger may be just what she needs to find her ticket to paradise.

Marnie Cate – The Chase
They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and Caitlyn’s cheating husband deserves the coldest revenge imaginable. Suddenly Caitlyn must choose. Which is more important: the vengeance she deserves or the chance to heal her heart?

Is it A Series?


Is It Easy to Read?

Yes – and no 🙂

Karen’s Magic Review

I realise that it is a little unfair of me to present you with a book that is no longer available. It’s actually, unfair that it isn’t available anymore.  The fact that I’ve read it, and enjoyed it, means that it deserves a review by me. So here it is!

I’d had a run of erotica stories lately and I was fed up with them. The last one, I abandoned altogether. I needed romance in its pure form and this book fitted the bill. (Although there was a little sex in it, nothing that was off-putting.)

Flawed Perfection was recommended to me on Facebook when I said I was looking for shorter reads. “These are all novellas, so you can pick up and put down when you like,” they said. So, I downloaded it to my Kindle and then forgot about it for 12 months.

You will notice that above I have put yes and no to the question of how easy it is to read. The reason for that is – yes, it’s easy to read and I wasn’t able to pick it up and put it down instead I read one story after another.

After delving so deeply into a book’s storyline, moving on to the next one with totally different characters and plots is not always easy to do. It was also a little confusing with the names use for characters as it wasn’t immediately clear whether it was a male or female. You would think that would make a difference but it did.  As if that wasn’t enough, some had names I associated  witha  female when in fact they were male!

However, I must say overall I enjoyed the book. It has a great title and cover. There were two stories that I particularly liked. Unwrapped Gifts by Julie Northup and the Chase by Marnie Cate.

In Unwrapped Gifts, I came across a situation that I’ve never seen in a book. The characters were well drawn, fully rounded and really nice. I heard a whisper this story was going to be expanded into a full novel. Not sure if that’s true, but it if is, it will be one great read.

The Case – a very clever play on words for the title, is an all-out lovely love story. Just what you need for the winter months when you want to cosy up and get some romance and a good feeling going.

The biggest frustration was Taylor Dawn’s Ticket to Paradise. A series of coincidences – what are the chances of two people meeting up in a hotel in paradise where they both were jilted and had still taken up the honeymoon suite?  Well, it happens and the two got together, and it was believeable because the story was so good.

Then, right in the middle of the action, just it finished, like stepping off a cliff.  It said to be continued,. What? Where? It didn’t say and I was left very frustrated.

So annoyed, I almost stopped reading, would it be worth reading the others, in case it happened again? Would I have to read the end of all the stories to check first?  I’m so glad I continued because the next story was The Chase.

Apprently the book has now been withdrawn and one of the stories, not the unfinished one, won’t be included, which is such a shame.

So if you do have this book in your collection, it is a collector’s item and well worth you moving it to the front of your To Be Read list.

Update – September 2019 – I checked Amazon and the book doesn’t seem to have ever been published again.

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