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False Lights – The Gold Detectives by Gillian E. Hamer

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 14.04.04Genre: Crime/Mystery/Thriller/Detective


No one deserves to die like this. No one.”

An elderly woman is burnt to death in the remote hamlet of Silver Bay. A young woman dies of an overdose on a notorious Holyhead estate. A drugs war is about to explode. Somebody knows but no one is talking.
Kelly Morgan has a social conscience and a pile of regrets. She wants to help but knows she’ll never manage it alone.
Her boss, Amanda Gold, cannot allow anything – not her divorce nor her daughter nor her affair with the boss – to cloud her thinking.
Another fire, another death, and the flames lick closer to home.
A threat shadows all their lives. A killer is out there, but one step ahead.

What is the book about?

Smuggling on Anglesey and the detectives sent to investigate.

Is it a series?

Yes, this is book two. The others are Crimson Shore, and Sacred Lake

Is it easy to read?

Yes, very.

Karen’s Review

This book didn’t immediately grab me as much as the first one did, but I was familiar with the detective team and liked the characters so it was easy reading. Suddenly, I was sucked in. Things began to fall into place and the last quarter of the book was riveting.

Again, as with the first book, I knew the locations and now can’t drive past Four Mile Bridge in Anglesey without glancing at the Inland Sea and thinking about what happened there.

Apart from the murders, there is another, more personal storyline,  that doesn’t at first, seem connected with the case. This concerns D.I. Gold and her daughter Emily, and their home life. Meeting Emily’s boyfriend was an interesting affair especially as he was a lot older than her. He was also a policeman, so there had to be a connection with the case, didn’t there?

I really don’t want to give away spoilers and it’s hard to talk about something when to do so might give away some of the plots.

Once again the author had created great characters and a story that takes you around the murky areas of Holyhead as well as the beauty spots. Some of which are the author’s imagination, but I can see where she drew it from.

Another highly recommended read and I’ve already started book 3.

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