Children’s Stories

The Rabbit Joke by Paul White


Seriously, I kid you not.

This book, curiously called ‘The Rabbit Joke’, is a wonderful children’s story about a small rabbit named Fluffybunny, who must face all sorts of perils during a long bitter winter.

Fluffybunny has volunteered to go on a dangerous mission, to go beyond where any rabbit has gone before, in hunt for food to save his warren from starvation.

An older child, one who is an accomplished reader, will enjoy reading this story themselves, they may even learn some new words as they travel with Fluffybunny up hill and down dale.

Yet, this book has really been designed for an adult to read ‘out aloud’, perhaps to a child or children at bedtime, or during the evening.

It is also an excellent read for teachers and nursery nurses. The book is divided into four main chapters, with natural brakes between, making The Rabbit Joke a great book to be read in instalments.

The Rabbit Joke has received excellent reviews and has been nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards 2017.

This is what Richard Dodd, author of Fluffy Hugs, Minty’s Visit, Santa’s Gift and The Secret Passageway say’s about ‘The Rabbit Joke’

“Children’s books about fluffy animals are always going to be winners, right?

Probably not all of them, but this one sure is.

My sons, aged three and six just loved learning about the fluffy little rabbits.

They particularly enjoyed the snow and how the younger rabbits had no clue what the “cold, wet, white stuff” was.

I very much enjoyed how this story talks directly to the audience and my boys were riveted by the entire tale.

The Rabbit Joke is a magical story with some truly amazing artwork. It was so magical, that it (almost) got my youngest to try a carrot!

I shall definitely be recommending this very highly.”

The Rabbit Joke is an oversize (A4), perfect bound, hardback book, it is illustrated in full colour throughout, on heavyweight glossy paper.

Published by TOAD Publishing, The Rabbit Joke is available worldwide 

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