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Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter by L. M. Mountford

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-10-26-36Genre: Erotica, Women’s Fiction

What is the Book About?

It’s about Richard who is married to Alice and they have one child. He agrees to return with the babysitter, who lives in the flat above to look at her computer.

Is it a Series?

No, not that I am aware of.

How easy is it to read?

Very easy

Karen’s Magic Review

This is a book of two halves with the third bit sadly missing. I knew it was an erotica story before I started and I occasionally enjoy reading a bit of this.

L M Mountford sets out to write a story and she knows how to write well. I didn’t know the book was British, as I tend to read a lot of American books. So it was refreshing to open the story at a party at a Premier Inn on the outskirts of Gloucester. There was a good description of the main character at the party and driving home, it occurred to me that an American reader would enjoy this typically British description of town area and the layout of the apartments they lived in.

Richard succumbs to temptation as he finds the babysitter too difficult to resist. This was hot and steamy stuff with her luring him into her bedroom and them making out. Nothing was left to the imagination!

The third part of the book, which I mentioned earlier, was just something I would have liked to have seen. As Richard’s apartment was just below and his wife was there, the noise they were making must have been heard.

As he left to go back down, would he get into the shower before his wife got to him? That’s if she hadn’t heard already heard the racket they made!  I wanted him to get his comeuppance. I wanted to see him get into trouble for it! 

But, it wasn’t to be and if you like erotica, you will like this well-written story.


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